Hello beautiful people!

My name is Michelle Duke and this is my first time blogging. So bare with me and I promise it will get better. Haha. This blogs main purpose is to show y’all ho awesome It Works! Global really is. The company is great, the products are even better and the opportunities are endless.

A little about me:

I’m a SAHM to 2 wonderful precious crazy little boys and am expecting a third boy in June. My husband is a United States Marine and works his butt off both at work and home. He truly is my soulmate. We also have 4 puppies who I love just as much as my own kids. I joined It Works! to meet new people and to help my family get out of debt. I’m still a newbie at this business but after going to Tampa, FL for the 2013 It Works Freedom Conference, I’m pumped and convinced I will rock it out and help the world get skinny one wrap at a time.